by other sunset

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released 30 August 2014



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other sunset Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: departure
before her flight left, we had lunch in the food court and talked it out
her mom would come along in case while she interviewed over the next few days
we hadn't gone so long without a phone call
but once upon a time, these little words were all we needed

excited and scared, she stood at the terminal and gazed at me
touched her nervous skin to feel her warmth
"no matter what happens, this is yours," i whispered
her smile before she boarded blurred as i tried to burn it into my eyes
Track Name: connie
dual enrollment got her an early start
talked her part, loved her cats and boyfriend
every day, i saw her smile and sigh
her eyes gave away her wandering mind

did that mean face well before she laughed
i smoked two packs, gave my last one to her
she didn't get what i was saying
how much meaning could i fit inside a red white death wish

she got back together with her boyfriend and said hi
got mad over messages she sent only on full moons
i looked everywhere else telling stories and she laughed
told me she was laying in the next room

light brown hair left on my jacket spine
scratched her skin, knew there would never be enough
held her hand, i walked her to her car
stopped pretending she was looking back and left
Track Name: mike
it was a smooth ride down the interstate
what is cruise control? he said it helped him take it easy
he made me cry once playing perfect dark
my body was the only one a target

walking down the hotel lobby throwing tennis balls
when i saw two black suits comin' out the ballroom
shook my hand and told me he still played bass for the rock band
heading to a show, told him, "i hope one day that i can go"

i saw his best friend near the entrance
pain clear in mirth, i walked him to the room
down the aisle, all alone, to the casket
the room stopped breathing behind us

rosary clenched in his hand
it still looked like the blood was flowing through his veins
we breathed out prayers, felt his brother hate my guts
but long ago, i thought we had the same blood
Track Name: rain
it took the rain under sunsoaked sky
to finally straighten my back
sweat in my eyes, i still ran on sand below
leaving deep impressions behind

i breathed so clear, thought i felt my lungs smile
i gazed at the clearing through the trees
after miles, i stood at the quiet virgin lake
and the silence took me in
Track Name: waltz
i sat down in the hospice room
played classical music
she said they once loved to waltz
eventually forgot the song that i was on
but i remember their story

couldn't afford a wedding
an irish priest paid out of pocket
so they could start their waltz
they stayed to raise a boy
while mother went to new york
they lived on a mountaintop

her husband fought in the war
so after the martial law years
they followed their only son
they grew old watching over another boy
but always staying close together

that was the last time we talked
and then she slipped away
thinking of their waltz
Track Name: doctor
the only one who smiled as much as my father was you
avoided all the politics, became a marian
came to our house on a sunny day to visit us
when the others had written us off
but we were still so busy and it didn't come together

when your son got in an accident, we came by every week
he was weak but strongwilled
he made it through and i thought you would too

a trail of periods on a facebook status
was the only thing i saw from your son
i don't want to know whether it was an accident
exactly a year after mike died
my father put his face in his hands
i've only seen him cry twice
when the carbon monoxide filled your lungs
i hope it was painless
your other son's a doctor too
and we all miss you
Track Name: london
first interview went well
you flew out to manila last night
i heard it in your voice
the fear and the excitement

i kissed you as you boarded the plane
and flew over luzon, and eventually the british isles
however tomorrow goes, i hope my voice still rings in your ears

your cousin in london must be ecstatic
i know, cause i am too
even my friend's girlfriend will be there soon
i hope you guys can meet

no matter what happens in the daytime
i know you'll be fine
life moving fast around you
like when we first met
racing out long messages
passing notes in public places
whispering secrets, hiding smiles
from friends and strangers
feet rubbing under bedsheets
and a taste that lingers
Track Name: to george, from ann, with all my love
sometime in the summer
a young girl loved it when her father picked her up on his shoulders
and spun around like an airplane

one day the father left and no one knew why
not the inlaws, the parents, the wife, not the daughter with your eyes

it was a raining, starless night but you stayed up
stood at the end of the inlet
facing stormclouds
and all at once i remembered

when we first met, our thoughts coursed like the water at your feet
your words trailed off and i could finish them completely
your mind alive is more beauty than i will ever see
but you stay far and ask, "do i feel real to you?"

you are as real as the snow i've never seen